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2015 might be the year of asking

I watch Ted Talks – lots of them – a few have definitely impacted me and one of those was Amanda Palmer’s talk. Which you can watch here.

In general, dropping feelings of wondering if the other person will be hurt, offended, say no… etc has been something I’ve been getting better at as I get older… and older… and older… and… ok, let’s not think about getting older anymore.

2015 seems to have a small theme so far – asking

  1. Asked someone to date me (twice)
  2. Asked a lawyer at a non profit organization to consider taking me on as an extern
  3. Asked the school to review and approve the extern
  4. Asked for support emotionally and mentally from several friends as I tackle the fuck out of my life
  5. Asked the property manager to cut me a deal on my lease renewal

So far so good… ok, back to homework

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